DUNATIV FM Felújító és Megmunkáló Kft.

+36 30 403 5714

2049 Diósd, Vadrózsa köz 1

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About us

About us

The company Dunativ FM Kft. was founded in 2013 as a general constructor for category A offices. Our experience in the field and our team of 40 professionals assures keeping quality and time constraints. Our trustworthy sub-contractors are working with us for many years, specializing in carrying out office fit-out tasks under strict terms.

The work of our large team and sub-contractors is being supported by project engineers, project preparators, construction managers, supply managers along the project lifecycle, not leaving any doubts or tasks behind while making the dreams of renters, customers, developers come true.

What we really like is a challenging quality work for what we supply all the technical development, improvement for the satisfaction of both of our customers and colleagues.